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Policy ( I like to think of it as "common sense" :-) ), on Gift Certificate Purchases, Groupons, and Special Deals !


OK....., I am dedicating a WHOLE page to this topic !

As a business owner, you run into ALL different types of people and situations. I am VERY Grateful for all of the kind, understanding, patient and intelligent souls out there in the world. I am learning to send out only Peaceful Positive and Loving energy to those who may disagree and threaten to "sue" or make a bunch of "bad reviews" online because they do not agree with decisions I make regarding my business. I've recently encountered practicing this with a customer who purchased a gift certificate from Take A Break, hence my decision to dedicate a whole page!

Gift Certificates and Special Deal Certificates:

*are good for what is stated on the certificate for either a money amount toward a service(s) or a specific service stated on the gift certificate that may be received from any one of the therapists at Take A Break, if a therapist is no longer at  Take A Break that you originally wanted,....the Good News is, we have other Wonderful experienced therapists that are available! :-)

* the money amount paid for the gift certificate NEVER expires, if you purchased a gift certificate that had a special price, the special price value will expire in one year. EXAMPLE: You purchase a $70- 60min Massage with a $20off coupon, which brings the total amount paid for the gift certificate to $50. After one year, it would no longer apply to a 60min Massage, it would turn into a $50 money amount to use towards services at Take A Break.


Here are some suggestions if you or someone you give the gift certificate to decides they do not want it:

1. If you gave it to someone who does not want to use it, USE IT yourself......OR

2. SELL IT  to a friend or family member who would use it..........OR

3. GIVE IT  as a gift to a friend or family member who would use it.........OR

   4. DONATE IT to an auction that raises money for your favorite charity


Groupons purchased from the Groupon Website:

*are good only for what is stated on the Groupon

*the money amount you paid Groupon will expire 5 years from date of purchase

*the Deal/Service you purchased from Groupon will expire on the date that is on the Groupon, it will automatically turn into a money amount gift certificate that can be used toward any Full Price Service.

*We have a VERY Strict   24 hour Cancellation Policy on ALL Evening (5pm-8pm) and Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Appointments.

*We have a VERY Strict    6 hour Cancellation policy Monday-thru-Friday (10am-5pm)

*Your Groupon will not be valid if proper cancellation notice is not given in the specified times above, Groupon will receive a detailed notice of the situation.